Water Coolers For Office and Home

Hot/Cold/Room Temperature Water Coolers

We rent any of the following units to our customers for a low monthly fee. Unlike purchased home or office water coolers, renting from Highbridge Springs means you have no worries. If there is any problem with your unit, we will repair it or replace it — free of charge and right away. If the unit needs to be discarded, we give you a new one and handle the (often complicated) task of disposing of a unit that utilizes Freon in the compressor. We make it easy for you to enjoy healthy refreshments without stress or worry.

We also deliver and set up the cooler in your corporate offices, satellite office, client waiting areas, or break rooms. In your home, we can provide a unit for your home office, kitchen, media room, bedroom, or any other place you might need a convenient location for refreshment. Consider getting a unit for the “man-cave,” garage, potting shed, or even the back porch during summer months, to keep a healthy drink available for the children (and the adults) as they enjoy entertaining, playing or working outdoors!

Top-Loading Water Cooler

Glacier Water Cooler for Highbridge Springs Water in Kentucky

This classic, top-loading, Grecian column style cooler will look great in any home or office environment. Depending on the model you select, your new home or office water cooler will dispense Highbridge Springs water in these temperature combinations:

  • Hot Water/Room Temperature
  • Cold Water/Room Temperature Water
  • Hot Water/Cold Water

Depending on the model you select. Any of these combinations are available in black or white cabinet finishes made of durable, easy-to-clean one-piece molded polyethylene with a patented DryGuard no-spill system to protect your floors from leaks.

The unit utilizes noise-dampening technology to help keep your home or office environment peaceful. This water cooler is equipped with a hermetically sealed reciprocating compressor.

Your water cooler is air-cooled with a compressor-based refrigeration unit preset to deliver water between 39.2 and 50° F and this is technician adjustable using a cold control on the back of the unit. (Just ask, we will be happy to adjust the temperature for you!)

This unit uses a stainless steel cased area for both cold water and hot water. The cooling capacity is 0.8 gallons per hour and hot water capacity is 1.45 gallons per hour based on 69.8°F room temperature. Those units with hot water, offer an ON/OFF switch for the heated water portion, an optional child lock safety feature for the faucet and a removable drip tray to make cleaning easy.

An additional matching bottle cover is also available, for a sleek, one-piece look for your home or office.

Bottom-Loading Water Cooler

Bottom-loading spring water cooler



This bottom-loading cooler eliminates the need to lift heavy water bottles to the top of your cooler. Slide the door up, scoot your bottle in, and enjoy fresh, clean, natural Highbridge Springs water in your home or office.

This model comes in a high-gloss black finish with stainless accents. It offers and LED night light over the faucet, a replaceable reservoir system, an led low-water indicator, both hot and cold water dispensing, and is Energy Star certified.

It offers a high dispense point for more ergonomic use and a larger dispensing area to fill coffee pots, larger cups and water bottles.

This air-cooled water cooler has a compressor-based refrigeration unit and an easy to change water cartridge for easy cleaning. The mechanical faucet offers replaceable components and the recessed dispensing area offers convenience, durability, and protection from many environmental contaminants.

Cold water cooling capacity is 0.7 gallons per hour and hot water capacity (via stainless steel cased heating area) of 1.45 gallons per hour based on 69.8° F room temperature.  Both the cold and hot water temperatures are set at the factory, but can be manually reset to your preference. There is an ON/OFF switch for the heating portion of this unit. The compressor is a hermetically sealed reciprocating unit. It’s a quiet unit with the pump rated at 55 dB and the compressor unit rated at 43 dB.

This water cooler received the 2012 European Aqua Award for Best Product Innovation and will make a beautiful, convenient and healthy addition to your home or office setting.

Stainless Steel Water Cooler

Stainless Steel Water CoolerThis model offers a modern metal design for contemporary office and home spaces. The stainless steel panels and the black front are both designed to be smudge-free. It is available in a Hot and Cold model and a Cook and Cold model. The interior reservoir and hot tanks are also stainless steel. It is Energy Star rated, UL listed, offers the Waterguard system to eliminate spills and any prevents dust from entering the reservoir during bottle changes and a large drip tray to prevent accidental spills during use.

Counter Top Coolers

desktop water coolersThis smaller water cooler unit makes it easy to have chilled water, even when you have limited floor space. At home or in the office, this water cooler will offer refreshing Highbridge Spring Water at a brisk temperature from any counter top or flat surface.






Ceramic Coolers

ceramic water coolers with standsIs the simplicity of a ceramic cooler your best option? Let’s find out:

  • Do you prefer your water to be room temperature?
  • Do you like the look of ceramic?
  • Do you need water in a location without an electrical outlet?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the simple (and beautiful) ceramic crock may be your perfect fresh, Highbridge Springs Drinking water solution!

We offer ceramic coolers to be used on table tops and/or counters and we offer two types of floor stands, if you prefer a free-standing water cooler. Select from our metal stand (with room for two extra bottles of water underneath!) or a a beautifully finished wooden stand to coordinate with your space and to look more like furniture than an appliance.

We offer three Ceramic Water Cooler designs. Select the one that best suits you and your office space or your home decor and we will deliver it for you along with your next shipment of clean, clear, crisp Highbridge Springs Water!


Black Ceramic Cooler


Plain Ceramic Cooler


Blue-Striped Ceramic Cooler

Need more help selecting the best high-quality drinking water solution for your home or office? Contact us and we will discuss your needs and give you any additional information you need to make your decision.