Bottled Water

highbridge springs bottled water

5 Gallon:

The five gallon bottle is our most popular for home and office delivery. It comes with our great tasting Highbridge water, or also with distilled water.

1 Gallon drinking:

Highbridge Springwater is available in this easy to use one gallon size. Fits in the refrigerator and stores well. Keep the bottles out of the direct sun and in an area that does not get overly hot and the storage time is two years. This size is nice to keep on hand for those emergencies, weather and otherwise.

There are six one gallon bottle in a case and is available for delivery by the case with a minimum of four. Also available in many grocery stores including Kroger, Wal-Marts, Meijers, Good Foods Co-Op and others.

1 Gallon distilled:

Highbridge Distilled water is steam distilled, the analysis is available on-line. This product comes in the one gallon bottles with 6 bottles in a case. The cases are available for delivery, in our current delivery area, with a four case per order minimum. The one gallon bottles are also available in local grocery stores.

16oz Recyclable Bottles of Highbridge Springwater

This is the size to use for all those drink packets now available is stores. It comes in the easy to carry six pack or in a case of twenty-four singles. The six pack is the product most available in the local stores. The half liter as it is also known is available to add to one’s five gallon order or ordered alone with a four case minimum.

12oz Recyclable Bottles of Highbridge Springwater:

This size is perfect for packing lunches, not too much not too little, fits in the lunchbox. There are twenty four bottles per case, can be added to your regular five gallon order or by itself with a four case minimum.

2.5 Gallon drinking:

The 2.5 gallon bottle is designed to fit on the top shelf of the refrigerator with a spout for dispensing the water, be sure to put a hole in the top of the container at the arrow. This size is also great to take on those outdoor adventures: boating, grilling out, large gatherings, and especially camping.

There are three 2.5 gallon bottles in a case and is available for delivery with a four case minimum. This size can be found in most local grocery stores.

Distilled water is available in this size.

3 Gallon:

Highbridge is available in the three gallon size. This size fits on all equipment for which a five gallon bottle is used, the advantage is it is lighter.

1 Liter:

This size has twelve bottles per case and is available for delivery with a four case per order minimum.


The one liter “Swish” label is the officially licensed water of the University of Kentucky.