highbridge springs office deliveryHighbridge Spring Water is delivered either from the home office in Wilmore which serves Lexington and much of Central Kentucky or through its London/Richmond offices which serves southeast Kentucky. It also is available through satellite distributorships in Danville, Mt. Sterling and Frankfort. For delivery policies at each satellite distributorship, see their contact information below.

For those customers served either by the home office in Wilmore or the office in London, the following applies:

Highbridge delivers to homes, offices, farms, establishments of any size, from a one-person office or home to factories with hundreds of people. Most accounts are serviced on the same day every four weeks, although larger accounts can require more frequent delivery. Highbridge will replace bottle-for-bottle all empties unless the customer has requested otherwise. Worried about remembering your route day? Don’t fret, as Highbridge provides an automated phone call the night before to remind that the next day is the “water day”. If there are no empty bottles left for pickup, Highbridge will leave two full bottles. Any variation in the regular delivery schedule or number of bottles to be delivered should be discussed with the Wilmore office at 888-547-6971 or the London office at 606-864-7508. Going on vacation? Just call and let Highbridge know of your plans.

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