About Us

new highbridge springs logoHighbridge Spring Water is a family owned and operated enterprise located in the tiny Kentucky town of Wilmore, site of a railroad bridge considered one of the remarkable engineering undertakings of the 19th century.

Water to the spring itself flows through natural limestone deposits common throughout the Central Kentucky region. This area has been known worldwide for more than two centuries as home to generations of champion Thoroughbred race horses and other great equine athletes. Early settlers recognized that the moderate climate, gently rolling terrain covered with Bluegrass, and the remarkable collection of minerals found in the numerous streams and springs which dot the area, combine to enhance bone development and promote general good health in man and animal alike.

The delicious refreshing taste of Highbridge Spring Water is achieved by a filtering process called Reverse Osmosis, which removes certain particles and leaves the water crisp, sodium free and ready to be enjoyed.

Highbridge Spring Water continues to grow in popularity across Kentucky, further establishing its position as a genuine Kentucky Resource!